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Through a Global partnership with you, we are offering a platform where Sell by Owner and Sell by Agent Real Estate Deals can be offered to millions of buyers for a fraction of the cost.

Actually, we can help you make more profit out of every deal; just look at the “Savings Calculator” at right, click Sold by Owner or Sold by Agent and enter a value next to “Home Sell Price” to view the additional profit you could make.

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Sales Commission 6%
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Huge Potential On Every Transaction Using Our Finder's Fee Program
Your property Listing with www.cwc.cashwill combine Mass Marketing and Target Marketing Strategies to reach the largest number of people possible: APT
SELL BY OWNER: Actually we can help you make an additional $10,000 to $50,000 more profit from the sale of your property when we find you the buyers rather than paying 5% to 6% sales commissions; and If you need to sell your home quickly, we have thousands of Investors that can pay cash for houses in any condition and can close in as little as 10 days!   

SELL BY AGENT:As a Listing Agent/Broker you pay 50% of the commissions to Selling Agents/Brokers. For example, on a Sale Commission of $30,000 you would pay 50% ($15,000). You could easily keep all that money and even increase your profit many times over, if you just focus on LISTING PROPERTIES and let us find all the buyers you want for a low flat Finder's Fee ranging from $1,200 to $3,000.    ✓
Our Unique Desktop Integration Softwarecan detect the Home Buying Conversations, Mentions and Messages of millions of people searching for properties across thousands of real estate portals and social sites, and we can have the people interested in your property to call you.    ✓
To start the program just pay the amount indicated here and pay the same amount for each of the first 9 referrals (Max 10 Pmts Total). All referrals after the first 9 are free; we never stop sending you referrals until you sell your property.
You will pay after your property is sold $1000 for all the above marketing fees that we have paid on your behalf. Contact us for details: 516-444-7909