Sell by Owner
Marketing Package Basic Premium
Property Listing on CWC.Cash     The Cashbay Sale by Owner Package (SBO) offer hundreds of ways that property sellers can find buyers fast and can close in days not months!
The process is simple:
1st Choose the package you want or contact 516-444-7909 for support.
2nd Enter the property information Here.
3rd And get ready to sell fast. Our Marketing package includes all the following items.
List property for sale in local MLS via Realtor. (99-250)    The Cashbay SBO Package will pay $99-$250 flat fee to list your property on the Local MLS Services through real estate agents across the nation.    ✓
Start CWC Members Referral Campaigns ($25/Referral)     Cashbay SBO Package will pay a total of $25 per every person that call you interested in buying your property (up to $250 for the first 10 people that call you interested in your property)    ✓
Google In & Re-Marketing (10 Pay per Click Ads ($3-5/d))     Cashbay SBO Package will pay $3-5 per day for Google’s In-Marketing and Re-Marketing.
Here is how In-Marketing works! When consumers are actively looking for properties across the top 10 Real Estate Websites and when they leave those pages, they see our property ads in front of them and when they click they are back at our website, looking at your property.
Here is how Re-Marketing works: As a consumer you research and compare the property that you will buy with those of your competition, many people have to be brought back as many as 10 times before they buy. Here is where Re-Marketing can help. Re-Marketing allows us to position targeted ads in front of those that had previously saw your property at our website as they visit around 3 million competitors' websites elsewhere .
Facebook ,10 Pay Per Click Ads and follow up ($3-5/d)   

Cashbay SBO Package will pay an average of $3-5 per day for  Facebook  Targeted ads. Facebook ads are targeted to users based on their location, demographic, profile information and precise interest, which makes perfect for the people searching for real estate to find your property. After creating an ad, we set an average of $3-5 daily budget and bid for clicks in addition that we can integrate facebook with our helpdesk software  to convert all relevant real estate mentions and direct inquiries into tickets that we can manage and respond with our ads on the same medium on which they posted their questions.

Twitter, twit streams     Our Twitter integration lets us reply to potential buyers with a set of prepared answers every time they enter into a relevant direct real estate tweets, conversations, mentions and direct messages and we can manage and convert them into tickets that we can reply on the same medium on which they posted their questions.   ✓
Save THOUSANDS with a low flat fee instead of high 6% commission     For decades, the 6% for real estate agents has been pretty standard. Now CWC.Cash offers the alternative to a flat fee for every referral up to 10 referrals, after 10 referrals we will continue sending referrals for free until you sell your property.
Sometimes the savings are huge, use the Savings Calculator to estimate how much you could save.
Program set up and start up fees
$396 Each
$792 Each
Paid Referrals 1-10, FREE Referrals 11 to sold
$198 Each
$99 Each

Saving calculator