How to Invest in Real Estate with No Money
Not everyone has got an ample supply of funds that they can use for investments. People who got the funds can afford to lose a few thousand dollars, with much more amount of other investments. But people whose salary just doesn’t cut for a premium life cannot afford to make a mistake while investing their hard earned money. To start with, one does not need to invest thousands and can simply start with ways like REIT shares or starting small with crowdfunding programs. Landlords can also use their property for profits by either selling it at higher prices or take a loan and invest it elsewhere. The more you want to achieve the earlier you need to start investing. If you are a college student and want to buy your own house by the time you marry or have your first child, then retain yourself from spending your birthday money on parties and start investing that money with a lot of patience. When you are looking for investments to start with, don’t get intimidated by the higher prices of mutual funds with minimum investments of thousands of dollars. Have some patience till you find that the shares that you want to buy and once you find it, just buy it with a click of a mouse. Real Estate vs. Stocks While there are many different choices when it comes to investments but the ones that become the first choice of all investors are Real estate and Stocks. There are definite advantages with both of these being easy to start with and high yielding if chosen correctly but Real Estate definitely has an over Stocks. Even in the worst case scenarios, the values for stocks can decrease to as low as possible or even become nil but when it comes to Real Estate, it doesn’t matter how bad the situation is, your land or home will always be worth something. Thus, making its value appreciating in all situations. Since, the risk so low when it comes to Real estate, the returns aren’t that high every time as well but for an investment that is tangible, investors can enjoy their lives risk-free as they do not just see their investments physically but also be able to change and make use of it. Real Estate Investment Options As discussed earlier, investments can start with just your Birthday money but exactly how low can you start with? $5 is all you need to start which can come from keeping the change coins aside but don’t expect to get millions in returns, for that you need to invest more of it. Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)- These trusts can either be public or private, giving people more choices and making it easier for everyone to access investment opportunities. One can buy shares in these REITs just as they would in the stock market. These REITs use the invested money to invest in other Real Estate holdings and they must give 90% of their returns to their investors. Real Estate Mutual Funds – With a minimum starting investment of $100, these Real Estate Mutual Funds use 80% of their net assets, giving people a good place to start their investments with. These consists of Real Estate Securities where Mutual Fund Managers through a group of investors, select other securities that they can invest for better returns. Real Estate Crowdfunding- Giving all accredited and non-accredited investors to start investing in crowdfunded programs starting with as low as $5, this is a new and really attractive way to invest your money. There is a website like Fundrise, Rich Uncles, Realty Mogul and many more, where investors can invest their money and these platforms invest their money in in either REITs, Real Estate Mutual Funds or even individual projects. These Crowdfunding Platforms set their own minimum investment limits can share the returns among their investors. Renovating your own Real Estate – If you happen to own a home/real estate then you have already made that investment that you were looking to make, you just need to spend some time renovating that estate to increase the value of your home and then you can decide on whether you want to sell your house or rent it out. Fix any faults with the electrical/water distribution system and appliances, do the regular maintenance, repaint any walls or rooms (if required), clean the lawn and maintain the plants. Pay keen attention towards the bathroom and kitchen, as them being clean and modern will attract more customers and increase the value of your estate. Wholesaling- Just as factories manufacture products in bulk so that they can sell them at competitive prices while still making some profit off of each product, Real estate Wholesaling works in the same manner, where buyers can buy these houses at cheaper prices then renovate a place depending upon their pockets and resell the place at higher prices. One can start by becoming the middle man between buyers and sellers, work effortlessly flipping these houses and get paid for doing the same if they cannot invest in buying these houses and doing the thing for themselves. Knowing some of the ways in which you can start investing, determine which of these investments options suits the best for you, as your initial funds and plans, both short-term and long-term, may differ. Give preference towards your unpaid debts, loans, or mortgages, as you don’t want to increase your stress. Once your debts are cleared, you can start investing as per your needs and funds with the best investment strategy for you.

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