How to Avoid Being the Victim of a Rental Scam in NYC
Below are some of the tips to avoid being in the victim of a rental scam in NYC. Have a look!

1. Make Sure the Address of the Apartment is Correct:

Sometime Rental websites publish the wrong and incorrect address of the apartments. Beware of these rental websites. They even post some random pictures of some other apartments. They post these pictures to create an alluring and for the apartment without posting the right address. These kinds of pictures tempt the customers and they got captured in the scam. Sometimes they post street number but not write the exact address. So make sure you do your own research and then move ahead.

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2. Do Some DIY Investigation:

To avoid this scam, you have to do some investigation on your own. This way you can find which of the advertisement is true or false. For instance, If the apartment is on wall street in prince place, you have to search for wall street. You will get a list of all the apartments on wall street offered by the people. Every apartment will show the number of unoccupied apartments along with their prices. If you didn’t find the matched listing, beware of it. If you find that there is an unoccupied apartment in the wall street, make sure you have verified the address. Also, verify the number of rooms, pictures, and mentioned facilities.

3. It’s Always Better to Cross Reference the Address:

Make sure you cross-reference the address on google map and check whether the building on the map matches the images. Likewise, If the apartment resides in an elevator building, it will show the building and listing representation. Ask your broker to tell you the exact address of the apartments including street number, block number, etc. He is fooling you if he is unable to provide you the exact address.

4. You Can Also Go Wrong with the Listed Addresses:

A listing includes the address along with the unit number. This shows that the landlord has appointed a broker and this kind of listing is called as EXCLUSIVE LISTING. But sometimes these brokers advertise the listing as their own property. So, it’s better to proceed with caution and verify each and every detail.

5. Be Alert With the Cautious Luxurious Rentals:

One must be cautious with the luxurious rentals because sometimes brokers advertise the listings as their own and charge some extra money. So make sure you approach the leasing office and deal directly. This way you will get some concessions like one month’s free rent or may be waived broker’s fee. Do not include any third party. Deal directly with the leasing office.

6. Rent or See an Apartment in Person:

Beware of these kinds of scammers who send you facebook profile, real estate profile or pictures or may link. Most of the scammers fool the customers by sending them these fake links. Thus, it’s better to rent or see an apartment in real.

7. Don’t Trust What You See Online:

You will find several fake news and videos online. Don’t trust them until you see them in real. They post photo-shopped images online and fool customers. Sometimes they even claim that they are affiliated by the government. They may tempt you to submit the details and may charge you some money for it. Don’t beware of this scam. Don’t trust them.

8. Google Everything!:

There is a number of things which you have to google before moving further. For instance, landlord, real estate agent, address of the place to check area, etc. It might be possible that the area is crime prone. So, it’s better to verify each and everything.

9. Be Very Cautious While Making the Cash Deals:

It is a very important point. Agent or landlord may ask for cash to book or secure the apartment for you. Beware of them. It would be good if you are transferring the money through money order.

10. Be Very Cautious With the Craigslist Listing:

Craigslist offers tons of listing related to renting the apartments. If any person needs to list a property, they charge some application fee. It is around $50-$100. They will reveal the real place that owned by another person. Be very alert and cautious of everyone.

11. Proceed with Cautious of Subletting Scams:

Many people sublet their apartments for months or years. If you are also doing so, ensure you have the copy of the lease document. Also, confirm and verify the copy of the lease document with the landlord. It is also necessary to confirm and verify the landlord because sometimes it is the scammer who is acting as the landlord. Beware of them.

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