Guide to Selling an Empty House (Without Losing Money)
There are certain advantages of selling an empty home (like the buyer can shift at any time). But there are some problems a seller can face while selling a furnished home. To make sure that buyers see the best part of the home, you should some things before initiating the selling process. For instance, you can leave the AC, sofas, chair as it is. Buyer will feel happy with the gesture. However, there are some real benefits of selling an empty home, prospective buyers may think the home will sell at a low price and immediately as there is no extra thing except the price of the home. So, you can prefer this option. If you think you are your broker is ready for the process then please stop right there and review below-mentioned points before going further. Challenges faced by the Seller While selling an empty house, it is very hard for a seller to convince a potential buyer so that he doesn’t see the house as vacant rooms instead feel like a home. It’s difficult for a buyer to visualize the layout of the house. He also needs help in visualizing the functionality of the rooms. It’s little hard to color the wall with the picture of the whole family celebrating Christmas festival on the dining table when the room is empty. Generally, the furnished room looks bigger and larger whereas an empty room looks smaller. So, it’s difficult to judge the size of the room. A room furnished with decor or furniture helps in highlighting the attributes of the room. The vacant rooms emphasize the blemishes of the house like peeled paint, a bolt on the window or door. After seeing the blemishes, the buyer may think of the need for repairing the house. However, seeing an empty house gives the feeling of neglecting and inadequacy of maintenance. And this is why they are prone to robbery and intruders. You may find it a little trouble but don’t ignore it. It will result in the worst experience of the buyer. Before selling a house make sure your house leaves a nice impact on the prospective buyer and you end up in selling the house. To-do list before Selling an empty house Include below-mentioned things to make sure you present the best and clean side of the house to the buyer. Keep scrolling! Keep the utilities as it is The advantage of keeping the utilities as it is to make him feel comfortable. Make sure the Fan, lights, heating, and cooling system works properly. This will give a buyer the confidence to buy the house which has everything anybody can ask for. Leave ceiling fans on low. Sometimes the seller keeps one window open to avoid smell in the room. Due to the opened window, a lot of garbage and pine tree smell enters the room. So instead of keeping an open window, keep the ceiling fan on low speed. A ceiling fan does not use much electricity and also ensure the circulation of air in the house. Ensure Gardening and Cleaning of the house monthly The cleaning and hardening of the house monthly is a nice idea. This will help in the maintenance of the home. The internal and external of the house must be in good condition. As they say,’’ The first impression is the last impression”. Thus, your first impression must be good. A Gardner has to ensure the proper mowing and trimming of the lawn. A cleaner has to ensure the proper dusting and cleaning of the house. No one wants to buy an untidy home. So keep in clean and green Make sure your empty home is secure Now the question is why will anybody mug an empty house? An empty house possesses many metals like copper etc. He will get high prices if he’ll resell these metal in the market. So, make sure your empty home is secure. Keep the photos of the furniture before withdrawing it. The study conducted by revealed that almost 90 percent of the home located on the internet. People see your home online so it is important to upload the best picture of your home. This enables the prospective buyer to picture the fully furnished house. Forward your mail: If your mailbox is overflowing then this is a clear signal that no one is home from a long time. This can give a target for the robbers. To avoid this target, make sure you forward your mail to your new address. You can also tell your neighbor to pick the emails regularly. It is a tough process to sell your home fast in NY. But it will look easy if you’ll consider the above points. Above mentioned points will help in protecting and maintaining the house which helps in selling the house immediately.

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