Co-Living - The Next Big Thing In Residential Real Estate?

Co-Living – The Next Big Thing In Residential Real Estate?

Due to the rapid increase in the rental market in New York, it offers a roommate sharing. This concept is all co-living. We have explained the concept in the below – mentioned points.
  1. A New Concept Sponsored by the Government in November 2018
It has been noticed by the government that with the increase in rent and demand it is becoming challenging to provide a housing facility to every citizen of New York. Thus they introduced a new plan of shares NYC program. This co-living development program is sponsored by the government in November 2018. This program provides funds to the developers so that they can build and design the co-living units. They especially build units for low – income tenants. Also, this is a nice option for those who are immigrants. Earlier the single room occupancy was popular. But now this program is developed to increase the interest in co-living and provide housing to every citizen. Nowadays, co-living is affordable and popular with young professionals. Share NYC program will help to provide housing to the New Yorkers. is a partner with so many co-living property management companies which means if you are interested in the concept then we are happy to provide our assistance.

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2. Co-Living Concept – A Modern Real Estate Market The co-living concept means to provide instant housing for the citizens. Traditionally, roommate sharing concept shares a roommate and space but they are two different and unknown people have a completely different schedule. In fact, they cosign on the lease document which ends in a specific time period. Whereas roommate share is an apt model for certain people like young professionals. Young generation like a lifestyle where they have to travel and live in a city for some time. They are single for a longer time and look for a solo apartment. For them, they curate and design a flexible and cost-effective living. They instantly move to a new city and instantly need a housing facility. Co-living provides them an instant and flexible living. We are a partner with many co-living property management companies who provide the co-living facility to the people. They provide all the facilities like bed, kitchen, washrooms and even furniture. Now there is no need for shifting furniture from one city to another. They provide a fully furnished living along with all the top and modern style facilities. You don’t have to share anything except the kitchen and sometimes bathrooms. These properties also offer community areas like rooftops, backyards, etc so that tenants can socialize with each other.

Benefits of Co – Living:

  1. There are certain benefits of co-living. Some of them are as follows:
  2. It provides you a flexible living.
  3. It offers you an instant fully furnished living.
  4. You can nurture the social connections.
  5. It offers you an affordable living.
3. Fully Furnished Living: An Approach to Co – Living Concept Co-living concept is spreading in so many countries like Dublin, Toronto, London, etc. If you want to cherish the flexible housing, you need to build the connections. Many co-living properties host activities or events so that tenants and neighbor mix up with each other. As this concept is growing internationally, we are also heading up to Paris and London with this concept. Presently, we are providing this service in New York. We will assign a licensed agent with you only if you are interested. So many New Yorkers or the immigrants who are recently shifted to New York were looking for the housing facility. This co-living concept is a perfect choice for them.  And our agent will help you in the process from beginning to the end.

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4. Foster the Co-Living Concept in New York We are promoting the concept of connected living. We strive to offers well-furnished apartments to every citizen of New York. We work differently. We study the needs and wants of the tenant and owners. We match them and select the owners with the matched needs and wants. The motto of our company is to connect people with a living. We focus to provide complete satisfaction to all the citizen and New York travelers by providing them well-furnished accommodations where they can shift anytime. The co-living concept encourages to make the connections globally. It’s time to adjust in this modern style of real estate. This will help us to get in contact with every client and offers them the tailored made experience. If you are interested in the co-living concept then don’t hesitate to contact us. You can submit your request to us and we will assign an agent who will speak to you and provide you the best possible service.

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