Cashbay Working Capital, LLC., is a real estate investment agency, founded two years ago, helping thousands of people since then, find their dream rental or buy a perfect home!

About Us

We’re very passionate about searching for only the best properties on the market and offering them to our clients. We work in 50 US states, and we also partially cover Canada and northern Mexican states… Our team of more than 100 professional real estate investors (and growing) is waiting for a chance to be helpful to you finding the best real estate deal… So we’re sure that whatever type of property you’re searching for, we’ll have it for you!

Our team

We’ve got more than 100 dedicated, professional real estate investors looking for newer, better properties in all the 50 states…

On average, each of our investors has more than 100 homes successfully sold and or rented out. The best qualities that our clients note they’ve noticed in our agents is their fast pace, trustworthiness, dedication and never a commission, just a small finder’s fee!


Juan A. Amaya

As our CEO Juan A. Amaya is the founder CEO of Cashbay Working Capital, LLC. Juan is a veteran in the Real Estate industry as a Real Estate Broker and Investor since 1985; also has spent more than twenty years in computing technology, Internet marketing and have created highly advance marketing programs that provides the leverage that only a handful of businesses possess.

Responsibilities include strategic guidance of the enterprise, exploration of expansion opportunities, and maintain a strategic fit between the corporate resources and external factors, strategic alliance facilitation and management, technological and operational soundness, and financial stability.


Edgardo Galdamez

Responsibilities, he manages all our investor offices, property listings and the overall engagement of our rent & sell, Regional VPs Offices across the US, financial oversight, safeguarding of assets, and human resources management.

Directors of Technology

Manppreet Kaur Maan & Shikha Chaudhary

Responsibilities include overall technological efficiency, software development, and information control. Both have the ability to design and write computer code very quickly and accurately.

Directors of Operations

Noe Flores

Responsibilities include running of the overall day-to-day operations, bookkeeping and public relations.

Regional Vice Presidents

Responsibilities include sales generation, marketing CWC programs, manage all regional members and investors, property listings and the overall engagement of our rent & sell agency across the regions.

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I’ve spent tons of time searching for a not-so-expensive condo in Chicago,
but as soon as I hired one of your agents, I was finally able to find it and
move in!

Gotta love how fast-minded your real estate agents are! I was in a real hurry to buy a new home in Florida, where I’ve been promoted to at my work… Your real estate agents helped it happen in the shortest time frame!