5 Top-Rated NYC Furnished Apartments
It’s not easy to search for a well-furnished apartment in New York. Especially when you are new to the city or you are living here for less than 18 months. You really need an agent to find a suitable apartment for yourself. Also, you need some ideas for your furnished apartment. We have studied and gathered some top-rated apartments in new york city. These ideas will help you to find inspiration and important elements for your apartment.

1-Bedroom Upper West Side Apartment Along With a Central Park View:

Who would lose this opportunity if he is getting a 1 bedroom upper west side apartment along with a central park view? A choice of everybody I guess. Here you’ll find vintage decor along with wooden flooring. In the bedroom area, you will get a large bookshelf where you can place your beautiful collection of books. The bedroom will also include a Tv and a piano. There is a well-designed kitchen area that includes a cabinet and gas stove. You can enjoy your food while looking out of the window. You will get the following services in the building: • Elevator • Live-in supervisor and • laundry service

How to Avoid Being the Victim of a Rental Scam in NYC

This apartment is a full package of services and entertainment. This is designed to fulfill all the needs of the buyer. We have given a 5-star rating to this apartment. Also, the apartment is budget friendly.

1- Bedroom Located at the Upper East Side Along with the Minimalist and Contemporary Furnishing:

1- Bedroom Located at the Upper East Side Along with the Minimalist and Contemporary Furnishing If you are looking for a 1 bedroom apartment along with the contemporary and minimalist amenities, then this is the right option. Also, located at the prime location. This apartment is close to so many places like Hunter College and The Rockefeller University, Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum, etc. This apartment includes modern style facilities. For instance, dining table and double or single futon sofa, washer and dryer and huge storage space closet. The apartment is close to grocery stores and cafes. The building also ensures the security and protection system. We have given a 5-star rating to this apartment as it includes all the facilities and conveniences nearby. Please mention in your request if you are looking for this type of apartment.

1- Bedroom with Vintage and Old-Style Luxury Located at Chelsea

This apartment located at Chelsea garden is a classic choice who likes rustic, vintage and old fashioned apartments. Features of apartments like antique furnishing, personal backyard garden and patio, kitchen with deluxe stainless steel appliances, and ample space closet. The apartment has panned windows and paneled walls which gives the touch of antique and old fashioned vibes. The apartment is close to Chelsea market, high line, Whitney Museum of art and some other cool places of new york. If you have a good budget then you can go for the high rated apartments. Those apartments will have additional and luxurious facilities.

A Spacious Studio with a Separate Kitchen Located at Fort Greene

The apartment is burst with the wooden flooring, a vintage fireplace, and sheer curtains so that sunlight comes in every day. It is a little difficult to find a studio apartment which gives you a large space in Manhattan. But here we provide you a full contemporary kitchen, gas stove with ample space and a large size steel refrigerator. This studio apartment has a modern style full-size bathroom along with a bathtub. Another best part is that it is located at an amazing location i.e. Fort Greene. This is one of the best locations. The apartment is close to Fort Greene Park and prospect park. Also, the apartment is budget friendly.

One Bedroom Apartment at Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

This one bedroom apartment is for you if you are a fan of the local culture of new york. This one bedroom vintage apartment located at Boerum Hill has ample amenities like molding, a classic fireplace and a beautiful arch in the bedroom. The apartment is furnished with artwork, antique characters, queen size bedroom along with a private terrace, modern kitchen and washrooms. There are lots of quaint and cozy restaurants which you can explore. This apartment gives the vibes of local touch with urban conveniences. Searching for a well – furnished apartment? While searching for a well – furnished apartment, everyone has their wishlist in their hand. And it’s good. It will make the process easier. Whenever you are submitting your request to us, we will engage a licensed agent with you. He will help you to find the dream apartment for you. Do mention it in your request if any of the above-mentioned apartment is in your choice. Also, if you have a certain requirement like location, price, facilities, size, etc. Do include them in your request.

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